Zodiac sign who is a creator of happiness

The happiest zodiac signs can attribute a bit of that cheery disposition to the stars. 

And if your sign doesn't top the list of the most naturally happy, you can still find ways to bring joy into your life.

Sagittarius Sagittarius—the eternal optimist—tops the list. Sagittariuses are the happiest of the 12 signs. They attract excellent feelings, food, and experiences with their life energy and easygoing social style. Like the luckiest zodiac sign, the happy sign fits naturally. Sagittariuses have time for many things, but not unpleasant moods. 

Leo Second-happiest zodiac sign is Leo. Leos—astrological lions—are proud. This self-confidence keeps them unfazed by life's challenges. Try to get a Leo down, but they're so confident in their place in the world that it rolls off them like rain. 

Libra Libras are socially skilled and may gather a network of friends to meet any need. Being emotionally balanced and polite allows individuals see issues as they are, not as they want. A robust support system and clarity help them stay joyful. 

Pisces Though one of the most sensitive zodiac signs, Pisces let negativity wash over them. They cherish moments of delight, playfulness, and brevity. They attract positive energy and repel negative energy due to their sensitivity. 

Gemini When on, Geminis are on. Being dualistic, they have volatile emotions. This makes them less competitive than emotionally stable or hopeful indicators. The flip side of their nature is that they can readily turn a poor mood around. 


Fire sign Aries completes the top three happiest zodiac signs. Aries are known for their tempers, yet their emotional intensity makes them feel happy and angry equally. They're arrogant and desire to conquer. They take risks and profit from them. 

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